We believe in designing and engineering beautiful
solutions to solve socio-cultural problems.

Qsofts is your one-stop platform for quality Digital Products
& rendering of Professional Services

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Election Monitoring &
Evaluation Platform

ElectionMonitor is an election monitoring & evaluation platform built to power Presidential, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and Local Government Elections.

ElectionMonitor includes Volunteer's & Party Agent Mobile Applications

System Architecture for any
Software Platform

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Work Orders, Equipment Maintenance & Inventory
Platform for one or multiple branches

EquipmentMain is a platform that helps any organization with one or multiple branches to manage work orders from one or different branches, the equipment and it’s state, complete inventory of all equipment and a robust reporting system

We craft and engineer amazing Software to power your Organisation

We render quality services and they include System architecture design,
Blockchain solutions, Server architecture and deployment, ICT infrastructure design and implementation

  • Blockchain Services

    We specialize in Smart contracts development, NFT Marketplace development, Custom Blockchain Development & Deployment,
    Distributed Applications (DApps) development,
  • Server Architecture

    Are you looking to designing and deploy your application? Proper server architecture is needed to make scalability a breeze. We are here to help you properly architecture and create a deployment pipeline for your application.

  • Software Development

    Our amazing software engineers (frontend and backend) will help in the design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance of your software solution

  • Software Consultation

    We will consult and make sure you build your software according to specification usng modern technologies. We will guide you throughout the entire processs of designing, development and deployment of your solution.

  • Blockchain Mentorship

    Do you want to learn how to development blockchain solutions? Distributed applications, nfts, custom blockchian development? We offer mentorship and we guide you on how you can achieve your goals in the blockchain space.

  • ICT infrastructure design

    Do you want to setup an ICT infrastructure for your orgzanization, NGO or religious center? Our team of experts will help design a modern, secure and cost effective ICT infrastructure for your need.